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It looks like
You’ve spent your life excelling.
So you’ve no clue how to deal
Now that you’re about mediocre

Maybe you’re not working hard enough,
Maybe trying just a little
Can get you right back on course:
Where you belong – Excellence.

Or maybe you have yet to realize
Your mediocre is everyone else’s
As you curse, damn your chance,
Others seek the wisdom of your guidance.

Don’t underestimate your abilities 
Because of the storm of tragedies 
On your tail.

For better or tough,
You are what you’ve always been
At heart
And nothing will ever change that
You are of



What Do YOU Like??


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Hello everyone!


If you have been following my blog for a while then you will notice that, lately, I have been much more active on this blog. I have been posting more and interacting with followers, potential followers, and blogs that I follow much more! That is because, as many of you may know, I recently graduated from college. Therefore, I have more time on my hands. So I am using that time to write, be more active on my blog, Instagram page, YouTube page and Facebook page.

Of course, one of the main reasons why I am being more active on these pages is that I want to grow. Unfortunately, I cannot grow without YOU, my followers–new and old–who interact with my content every day. Therefore, I would like to give back to you guys by making sure that I post content that you enjoy (poetry and videos, of course)!

So, please comment below what you would like to read about more, on my page. What you like to read about the most and other topics and type of contents that you want to see more of, on my page. All of that is to help me grow and to make your journey on my blog more enjoyable!

Thank you very much, and please comment!




University Girlfriend — What a wonderful piece!


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The evening after I read your obituary,you crawled into bed with me. Your spirit did not muss the sheetsor bend the mattress. Your voice could have been the breeze,but the breeze never tells me to eat more avocados. In your sleepy whisper you recite the lord’s prayer,but change father to sister. Your last goodnight is […]

via University Girlfriend — Umflop!

Outsiders (Snippet and YouTube Video)


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Love that was never written in books but in-between chapters,

Love that our parents beat us,

Pull our ears and twist our skin for

So that pain embedded in our soul will always remind us

To never love another

Let’s make love that was never found in nature,

Love that angels and monsters will forever fight us for,

Love that God did not make.

At least, not for humans

Let’s make love in the darkest places of the planet:

Places darker than our worst crimes

That could never be punished by death nor prison.

Let’s give each other our sorrows through smiles, tears and short spontaneous bursts of laughs

Like we are crazy.

But that’s okay, I promise

Because all who rule the world are crazy.



Hey guys!

This is only a snippet of my poem, “Outsiders“. If you would like to hear the full piece, I have a video of me performing it on my YouTube page. The video is also linked below! Please don’t forget to comment what you think. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more of my videos and share with someone!!! Thank you! ❤

Ayiti Cheri


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There’s something I like
About the nights in my country.

Stray dogs ruled the streets.
Dedicating their lives, nostrils, four legs,
To inspecting every measure of the streets, for manje

Light bulbs on the porches revealing
The secretly yellow, green lizards
Hunting for insects that never run out.

Cars parked half their body on the sidewalk
Leaving space for humans to drive their legs
On the streets. In the middle of the night.

Watchmen, women lurking on the balconies;
Gossiping whatever happened; never happened
While the hot chilly wind blows, and blows,
In the quietest, peaceful sound.

There’s something I love
About the nights in my country:
Ayiti Cheri


“Somewhere Else” — YouTube Video!


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Hey everyone!!!

I’ve recently uploaded a new video on my YouTube channel!!! Earlier this summer, I got the chance to perform my piece, “Somewhere Else” at the Bowery Poetry Club, in New York, NY. I was lucky to get somebody to record me while performing. So here I am, sharing the video with you all!

Context on the Poem: I wrote this poem on the reality of drugs and alcohol in the lives of young adults and teenagers. This poem also talks about the idea of feeling “lost”–not having your heart in something or somewhere specific. Feeling like you don’t belong and aren’t accepted–sometimes, not even in your own home. That, of course, is a journey that I’ve walked through, myself. It was a moment in my life that I thought I could never get out of to the point where I accepted it, and made it my lifestyle. They do say, “if you can’t beat em, you might as well join em”. So that was the quote that drove my life for that time period. The older generation could never understand, but living in today’s world is tough. Well, it’s all I know, so I can’t really tell you how tough it is as compared to previous generations, but what I do know is that people have turned to drugs, liquor and other unhealthy stuff, and sex, to cope with their mental health. So I’m trying to do something about it.

Please watch the video and comment what you think! It would seriously help me with my work. Additionally, please share this video with people. I am sure you know somebody who would benefit from hearing me speak on that topic! Besides that, PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL. By subscribing to my channel, you are helping me grow as an artist and put out great content for you. Thank you immensely for your support!!!



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grass sunshine

All reality is not the same but we
Live within the same reality
The same laws of the planet, rules of gravity

And on the same space.
So don’t envy another’s grace
For you don’t know. You don’t know. You’ll never know.

With the goals you chase, I hope you real-eyes
Chase it, don’t complain
Learn, don’t go too insane
Always keep your eyes on the prize

I know these things that are hardest to find
Are sometimes right in front of our eyes–
So focus your Vision.

It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay. You’re blessed.
Count your blessings,
Thank each day
Thank your gods or keep belief in fate
The journey you’re given is a blessing
Your struggles, a testament.

The high road is rocky but
These cheat codes that God put on your path
Are revealing internally:
You were meant to thrive.


Fuck It!


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fuck it risky

Live life on the edge.

Make mistakes,
Make people unhappy,
Bypass walls,
And drown in foolery

It’s okay to make assumptions
Pick your own destination.

Burn Bridges
And walk on water.
When your feet are tired, walk on air

Fuck it!
Fuck it!
Fuck it!

Don’t bounce on walls…launch at them!
Push these things over, if you want to.
Bring the house down

Launch onto the air, and bring the rain down, too.

If you find the power to raise havoc in another’s life,
Why do you keep it down? Why not do it?
It’s in you.
The monster, the energy, the anger, the fire
It’s all in you! But you had to restrain it because
“that’s not the best idea, right now”
“haha that’d be kinda stupid”

Fuck it!
Fuck it!
Fuck it!

Let it out—let it all be out
Leave it free—leave yourself to be free




I am at a point in my life where I am experiencing this same thing. I am so happy that I ran across this. And if you haven’t, please follow her blog. You won’t regret it.


Careful perseverance
in pursuit of more
and more.

I once was comfortable
in the everyday monotony of
but lately there’s a flame in me
to burn brighter than I’m used to
to fall asleep because of exhaustion
not inertia

These dreams of becoming
all I can be
sometimes keep me up at night.

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My Muslim Girl (YouTube Video)


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Heyyyyyy guys! This is a reading of my poem, “My Muslim Girl” at @bowerypoetry . Please click the link above to watch the full video!

“My Muslim Girl” is a poem that I wrote about Islamophobia. This poem is also in “Black and White”, my chapbook about racial oppression in America. Black and White is still being sold! At a sliding scale of 5-10 dollars, you can get your own SIGNED copy of Black and White. If you would like a copy, please comment so below, and we will get you one!

Additionally, I am selling digital copies of Black and White. If you would like to purchase a digital copy, I will put the link to where you can do that in the comments below! You will need to have a PayPal account to make the purchase.

Thank you all so very much for watching the video! Please let me know what you think! 🙏🏾