Again, I Fall


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Here you are again.

Depressed, and punctured by pain,

Telling yourself it’s the end;

You’ll come to an end.


Knowing that you can stand

And fly again


How I Escaped Engineering School (book)


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After many late nights and hours spent discussing and laboring over its various aspects including editing, formatting and so on, I am proud to present to you my book, “How I Escaped Engineering School”!

“How I Escaped Engineering School”, is a digital book comprised of personally written pieces that form a record of my battle with my engineering major during the fall semester of 2016. It was a painful semester since it was during this time that I came to the realization that I could no longer pursue my dreams of becoming an engineer. So, just like I often do in times of trouble, I started writing.

A letter to the Engineering School at the University at Buffalo is where my written story begins followed by 18 poems that were written over the months compromising my last semester as an Engineering major. These poems, written during the impossible exams, after a class or in my room, speak of my emotions of desperation, pain, confusion, and final acceptance of my situation. I believe anyone who has experience these raw emotions, which I believe is all of us, will be able to find something within these pages. Especially those individuals who have chased after something or fervently pursued a dream to end up finding themselves at a dead end where they must start all over again.

It is with this that I say a sincere thank you to all the people who have  supported me during this process and a special thank you to Ariana Castagna for all the energy, effort and time that you’ve dedicated to the creation of this book.

The book will be released and available for purchase on March 10th, 2017 at the link below. Once again, I am immensely grateful for every piece of support sent my way!


Charles Joseph

Be Like Wind (Poetry)


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Be like wind 

Quiet and unnoticed on Sunday 

Though it carries rapid blessings like Mayday 


Smooth, calming and delightful on Monday 

But knows when to exercise its strength 


Seek its desires on Wednesday 

On top of mountains or in oceans of May 


Be like wind 

Finishes chores by the snooze of Friday 

As new adventures wait on the Sun’s day 

Amir’s Late Again (poem)


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​Amir’s head sleeps next to the window

So with the sun, she can rise.

But when rain or snow falls below

The sun wears a cloudy disguise

Too bad Amir never bothered

To buy a mechanical alarm

Cause by the time she had showered,

She’ll be as late as a rooster-less farm
Copyright © 2017 by, Charles Joseph Augustin

“Ignorance is Bliss” (Poem)


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​The smoke, 

The shield,

The darkness,

But once upon a time,

The streets were blinded by brightness
Demolition at the stations

Tears evaporating off sidewalks

Clamor making eardrums call quits

But once upon a time,

In everyone, peace could create circuits
It used to be: free mentality,

A world carved by originality,

Bliss pumping through pipes

But now, we can finally see

Too much ignorance is insured illness

Yum Yum (poem)


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No poetry upon request,
But this time, I really cannot digest!
Jerk chicken, black rice, empanadas with some zest
Oh! I don’t think there’s enough space for the rest!

No better way to experience a culture
Than to engulf yourself in its food.
Flying fish and griot; perfect for your leisure
Swallow fast cause they’re too good

Awww moma! I think I’ll marry samosa
My stomach is a bottomless pit
And Indian food is looking like a perfect fit,
Though ages in the bathroom won’t be lit!

My wisdom is hidden in a cookie
A little sweet but none like a smoothie
Con, “pizza, pizza!” from Italia to Little Caesar’s!
Oh, fighting for food freshens frequent scars

I don’t like spicy…
But I’ll bury my taste buds in Jollof rice.
Feel it in my veins as Mama Africa dances
She contains the most beauty.

Copyright © 2017 by, Charles Joseph Augustin