City-Night Love


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I could fall in love with the city-night.

But I’m known to be resilient,

So I would probably get back up.

But I’m known to be stubborn,

So I would probably fall.

In love.
And again,

With the city-night.
Till no end.





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I look to my left and right,
The person closest to me
Was staring cautiously.
As if expecting
Me. With support, belief, trust
Respect in the eyes, telling me I won’t lose his
Respect even when earth splits open the skies.

I look to my left and right,
To the one closest to me
Ensuring I am on a right path,
Cheering me up when I fall,
Giving me his back. So I rise.
To reach for clouds
The sun shining behind him;
Shining behind me.

I look to my left and right
The person closest to me
Smiling right for my face,
A mirror.

I Was an Outsider


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I was an outsider.

I wasn’t part of any group
Or a ride with anyone.

I was alone. To
Lead my own life. To
Trace my own path
I didn’t belong anywhere; to any group

I don’t belong.

I don’t feel accepted in my family
I don’t feel accepted by my friends
I don’t
Feel accepted
In my race.
My gender doesn’t accept me

And I don’t accept my sexuality.

I’m an outsider.
Fighting for nothing
Fighting for everything.

Black and White: Poetry Book–starting at ONLY $5


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I recently released my first book of poems, “Black and White”! Black and White is a collection of poems that speak about racial oppression in America. In this book, there are poems about police violence, Islamophobia and culture appropriation, just to name a few. Besides the value and significance that each of the poems have, this book is also self published! Everything that went into the creation of this project–from the writing and editing to the formatting and biding–was created by yours truly!



In addition to the poems in the book, Black and White also has a series of pieces that I call, “notes”. The notes serve several purposes. In a poetry book, there often is the circumstance where, although there is a theme across all of the poems, the poems stand awkwardly alone–as opposed to a novel, where everything naturally lead on to the next. The notes bridge the gap between the individual poems. They make the book fill more whole, and they complete the message of the book. These notes are ideas/lines that came to mind as I put the book together. They’re portions of poems that did not make it to the final version of the book, but they screamed a necessity to be in the book. These notes are random lines that only make sense after you finish reading the book. These notes make the book!


If you’ve been enjoying my poetry and/or you would like to have your own copy of Black and White, there are two ways that you could do so. The first one is by having me mail you a physical copy. If you would like a physical copy of Black and White, please let me know below, in the comments section. I will then give you my email and, from there, we can email back and forth about how to get you the book. The book is FREE SHIPPING for any locations within the United States.

The second way to get the book (which might be more convenient for those outside of the states) is by getting a digital copy. I have an account with the website: Sellfy, where a PDF version of the book can be purchased. WARNING: in order to purchase through that website, you NEED to have a PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, but you would still like to have a digital copy, comment below and we will decide on something. Finally, you can purchase the digital version of Black and White here.


Now, for our favorite part: cost of purchase. The digital and the physical copy of Black and White are both $10. But if you are not able to commit to the full price, I will accept any payment that is above $5 for the physical copy of the book. I accept payments via PayPal, Venmo, CashApp and Zelle. If you’re not able to complete a transaction through any of these, please let me know and we will decide on something. Due to taxes and laws that I have to abide by with Sellfy, I cannot allow that option for the purchase of the digital copy. Therefore, the price of the digital copy is $10.


Thank you immensely to everyone for reading my work or even going as far as financially investing into my work. Every action that I take with my writing is a risk and a dare that I give myself, and with each new thing that I accomplish, all of my gratitude goes to you all for supporting me. Thank you immensely. If you have any comments or questions, please comment them below. If you would like a copy of the book, please comment below, as well.

Thank you immensely for your support!!!

Bright Ideas


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Her future’s so bright that
There’s no point in approaching,
Ain’t no coming too close.

They say she’ll reveal your imperfections with her spotlight
Your tricks will lay toast
Your dreams become ghost

I heard she walks into the night and
The darkness flees before it catches
So then the moon’s magic finally becomes whole

Her future’s so bright
That she’ll crush your: Lightbulb-ideas
Her supernova mind; her supernatural intelligence
Proves only one thing can compare
Only one can reach competence

That’s the sun.

You’re stuck upon ideas of light-bulb
But her thoughts are at the center of the universe

Her future’s so bright
I heard em say, lightning is striking there
To bring down anything that goes against her
Laser beams shoot through their walls, defenses.
Lava Burns through the barricades in her path
So, brother

Listen closely when they say think twice before encountering her

Her future’s so bright
She will blind you.
Make you lose control of any power you THOUGHT
You had over her.

Oh, Butterfly!


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Side-eye to all the rights
Because butterfly,
You are right.
Under her own skin
Held by her own sin

Fly like melting butter on the ceramic floor
You’ve fought harder before
Scream! Scream! drown in all that noise

Scream! your heart out
Let screams weaken your chains
You are beautiful.

IG: Sircharlesthepoet

Pills to Swallow

Wow! This is an amazing piece of text. Very important life lesson!!

drafts and spills by isaiah keaton

You can be the best person you can be for someone. You can devote your sacred time to polishing their mundane. You can save them from where the avalanches pelt down like falling ashes, rescue them from where the magma chases like jungle predators; but, you can’t make them forget the way the flash waves blur into headaches, the way the heat strokes at night demand vigilance in the dark, the way the polarizing bolts of anxiety struck a crack in their sculptured image. You cannot be their hero or their shield. The self-hate is already traced over their faded lines and there’s no way to make erasures out of their regret. “To make them happy:” your mind can fixate itself on that goal. Every decision you make, a calculated step towards making them smile and that still won’t make them happy. You may lye on the clouds where the…

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New Video!!! “The Reader”


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Hey all!!

I know it has been a while since I’ve updated this blog–I apologize! But I didn’t go anywhere! As many of you know, I am a college student, after all. This semester has been very busy. Therefore, I was not able to update this platform. Nonetheless, I still update my Instagram page weekly. So definitely check out: to see my new works!

Anyways, I came here to let you all know that I’VE POSTED A NEW VIDEO ON MY YOUTUBE PAGE!!! As You know, I got the great opportunity to perform at a few poetry events over the winter break (how did you spend YOUR Christmas?). I posted one of the videos “The Reader” on my YouTube page, and it is linked below. Please check it out! Also, please let me know what you think!!!

Thank you very much!!! I love you guys!!!!!


First Featured Event!


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Hey all!

It is with nothing but excitement, honor and great pleasure that I am saying to you: I WILL BE FEATURING AT MY FIRST POETRY EVENT!!!

The lovely people at Open Mic Renegades have invited me to be a featured poet at their event on January 11th, 2019! I always wanted to be a featured poet, but I never ever saw it happening so soon. Therefore this is a pretty meaningful opportunity for me!

For the event, I’ve prepared some of my favorite (and best) works–some about mass shootings, sexual assault and cultural appropriation. The most amazing thing about these pieces is that I’ve never publicized them before, so can I hear a, “NEW SHIITTT!!!”???

It would mean the entire world to me it you, reading this right now, could come the my first poetry event. And please if you will be in the New York City area, I really encourage you to come to the event, and bring some friends along. I will put all the information that you need below. Thank you very much for the support that I have received from you all, and I hope to see you there!

What: Featured poetry event with Open Mic Renegades

Where: Flower Power Coffee House NYC: 64-02 Myrtle Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385

When: January 11th, 2019, 7:30 pm

Price: Free.99


Jingle Bell


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Sand not born of land
Dust suspend without trust
Snow might have overran the wind
Or the wind has frozen to powder

Clouds blow
Clouds wave
Knaves dancing
Dances of the saved
The wind sings earnest lullabies

Winter is here
A wonderland
In the air.
The aches can mend
A few tears to spare.
Can’t you hear? The jingles are near.

IG: @Sircharlesthepoet